We are pleased to present to you the Company Piccardi Srl and our equipment for the graphite electrodes handling and joining.

The Company Piccardi Srl is a family business that was founded in 1985 by Mr. Lucio Piccardi and employs 9 people, as well as a large number of occasional technicians and contractors.

Thirty years of experience have earned Piccardi Srl the confidence of customers all over the world and the leadership on the European, Middle East and Asian  Market, thanks to the most complete program for the proper use of graphite electrodes in the steel plant.
Beside the traditional electrode transport systems (lifting plugs, shock absorbers, …) the Piccardi S.r.l. offers worldwide successful patented tools. Those systems grant the highest safety and are easy to use.

The innovative manual torque wrench, standard type or with clamping collar, light and decomposable (available for electrodes up to dia. 24″), is flanked by the most advanced hydraulic technology for the joining   on the ground and on the furnace of electrodes up to 16″.

The hydraulic torque station combines precision with performance rate, easy adjustment of tightening torque, reduced overall   dimensions, possibility of electrodes unscrewing and low price. It is available in  both versions with or without ground clamps.

The robot for the automatic electrode joining directly at the furnace eliminates: the wait for replacement of electrode column, the heat losses and the electrode column oxidation (the graphite loss has been calculated around 5% of the total electrode column weight). The Jointer allows working safety and always perfect joining.

The deposit station is the safest method for bringing the electrode sticks from the horizontal to the vertical position, without damaging the threaded nipple. It is one of the equipments that completes the automatic system for the electrode joining on the furnace.

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