Insulated Automatic Jointer

for silicon smelter furnace
Product Details

EBT Cleaning System

Video available
ITEM 50 – EBT Cleaning system

Pincers for refractories

ITEM 64 – Pincers for refractories

The last version of automatic bell-pincers

The safest electrode columns lifting equipment

Nipple thread tester

The device to check the conditions of the nipple
Nipple thread measurement device

Automatic electrode Jointer

provided with PLC, remote control, Video cameras and touch-screen display for control & diagnostic
ITEM 01 – Automatic electrode jointer (patented)

Electrode deposit and hoisting station

with PLC completely automatic handling
ITEM 04 – Electrode deposit and hoisting station

Assembly station

The ultimate automatic solution for off-furnace electrodes joining
ITEM 26 – Assembly station

Assembly station light line

Simple and cheap
ITEM 25 – Assembly station light line

Automatic lifting device

Years of success for this safety tool, distributed all over the world
ITEM 08 – Automatic lifting device (patented)

Side lifter

Use longer electrodes without the problem of how picking them out of the furnace
ITEM 13 – Side lifter (patented)

Fishing pincers

The most successful tool for safe broken electrode recovery
ITEM 03 – Fishing pincer (patented)


We are pleased to present to you the Company Piccardi Srl and our equipment for the graphite electrodes handling and joining.

The Company Piccardi Srl is a family business that was founded in 1985 by Mr. Lucio Piccardi and employs 9 people, as well as a large number of occasional technicians and contractors.

Thirty years of experience have earned Piccardi Srl the confidence of customers all over the world and the leadership on the European, Middle East and Asian  Market, thanks to the most complete program for the proper use of graphite electrodes in the steel plant.
Beside the traditional electrode transport systems (lifting plugs, shock absorbers, …) the Piccardi S.r.l. offers worldwide successful patented tools. Those systems grant the highest safety and are easy to use.