ITEM 01; Automatic electrode jointer (patented)

ITEM 02; Automatic bell-pincer (patented)


ITEM 03; Fishing pincer (patented)

ITEM 04; Electrode deposit and hoisting station

ITEM 05; Torque wrench

ITEM 05/a; Torque wrench with collar

ITEM 06; Lever clamping collar

ITEM 07; Manual clamping collar

ITEM 07/c; Clamping collar for cylinder

ITEM 08; Automatic lifting device (patented)

ITEM 09; Assembly device

ITEM 11/s; Small funnel with nipple

ITEM 11/f; Funnel with steel nipple

ITEM 11/g; Funnel with graphite nipple

ITEM 13; Side lifter (patented)

ITEM 14; Steel lifting plug with self lowering mechanism 4 TPI

ITEM 15; Steel lifting plug

ITEM 16; Lifting plug with swivelling ring

ITEM 17; Tall lifting plug with cross bar

ITEM 18; Graphite lifting plug light line

ITEM 19; Graphite lifting plug

ITEM 20/f; Shock absorber without self lowering mechanism

ITEM 20/s; Shock absorber with self lowering mechanism 4 TPI or 3 TPI

ITEM 21; Carrying ring for nipples swivel-mounted

ITEM 22; Spacer

ITEM 23; Nipple removal tool

ITEM 24; Transport ring

ITEM 25; Assembly station light line

ITEM 26; Assembly station

ITEM 27; Electrode deposit rack

ITEM 28; Torque meter for furnace clamps

ITEM 29; Balancing ring for carbon electrodes

ITEM 30; Double clamping collar for carbon electrodes

ITEM 40; Elebia® The automatic and safety crane hook

ITEM 41; Nipple thread measurement device

ITEM 50; EBT Cleaning system

ITEM 60; Coils tongs

ITEM 61; Porous septum pincers

ITEM 62; Take-up spools tong

ITEM 63; Billet pincers

ITEM 64; Pincers for refractories