ITEM 04 – Electrode deposit and hoisting station

Hydraulic machine that houses the electrodes to be jointed and moves them to the vertical position without lifting plug. This station is necessary when using the electrode jointer or working without lifting plugs. It could even be useful to avoid stresses to the electrode while lifting from the horizontal position or to screw the half-nipple on the standing electrode.

The electrode station is available in three versions:

1. With manual clamping wire rope: The electrode is hydraulically hoisted to the vertical position and it is clamped with a wire rope (Item 4/m).

2. With automatic clamping arm: The electrode is both hoisted to the vertical position and secured in place hydraulically, by clamping arm (Item 4/b).

3. With automatic clamping arm and stopper: The electrode roll on the inclined table towards the stopper, that automatically pushes one stick into the cradle. The clamping arm secures it while it is hydraulically hoisted to the vertical position (Item 4/a).

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